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As, there are plenty of demands for fitness equipment’s in the present lifestyle, fast food, etc. resulting physical illness, unfitness. We fitness factory came into this industry in the field of service, Manufacturing, Importing and providing service in all over India.

Since 2011

The Fitness factory is established in year of Jan 2011 specially, providing service to import equipment’s and many dealers. Mainly, repairing Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Home gyms, Single station in the range of domestic Semi commercial/ fully commercial & many more other fitness equipment.

Today where we are presently, notice that many equipment which are out of warranty broadcasts are mostly thrown out due to lack of unavailability of spares and quality replacement equipment’s & Even though, spares are available at somewhere but, at very high cost . So, we found that importers were not able to provide spare parts, equipment at right time & proper service to their dealers & customers.


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